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  • Basic information
  • Working hours
  • Mayor
  • Members of Municipality Cerovlje Council

Municipality Cerovlje

The Municipality of Cerovlje has a surface of 105 km2 and, according to the population census from 2001. it has 1745 inhabitants. Cerovlje is the centre of the local government of the Municipality.
The Municipality is divided into ten Local Communities.


Working hours of the Single Administrative Department

Mon: 7 to 16
Tue, Wed, Thu: 7 to 15
Fri: 7 to 14

Romina Bašić Senior official for accounting affairs
Nada Gržević General affairs official
Daniel Budak Maintenance technician


Mayor office

 Mayor – Emil Daus IDS

Mayor assistant – Kamenko Opatić IDS

Mayor receives from the 15 -17 Mon,
Appointment must be annuced by telephone: +385-52-684-140.

1.  Ivan Jurada IDS
2.  Elena Šestan IDS 
3.  Alfred Matijašić IDS 
4.  Vilim Jakša IDS 
5.  Kamenko Opatić IDS
6.  Tina Lencović IDS
7.  Antun Ivić HDZ
8.  Klaudio Križmanić HDZ
9.  Martina Stabile Demokrati - HSS - Laburisti


Local committees, Tourism and Culture

  • Paz is like an eagle's nest, with a good view of the surrounding area, located on
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  • Grimalda is the parish center with spacious surroundings and arguably one of the most beautiful views
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  • Gradinje a group of villages and hamlets between Gologorica and Belaj. They are all linked with
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  • Sports and Recreation

    Sports and Recreation

    The municipality is rich in vegetation where live different species of wildlife, as well as many
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  • Draguć is located on a flysch ridge that streches over the valley. Draguć was build symmetrically
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  • Novaki was first mentioned in 1341 g. as property of Patriarch of Aquileia. The fortified settlement
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  • Borut is not a separate settlement, but a group of villages: Budaki, Buzici, Culeti, Dausi Grdinici,
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  • Cultural and historical heritage

    Cultural and historical heritage

    Few region have such a rich and valuable cultural - historical heritage as Cerovlje...
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  • Gologorica is located on a flysch ridge above a wide fertile valley of the river Rasa.
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  • Accommodation and hospitality

    Accommodation and hospitality

    Cerovlje has a lot of accommodation in private villas, as well as excellent ...
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  • Tradition


    The border area that has for centuries been divided between Austria and Venice, constant migrations on
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  • Pagubice the village located under the slopes of hill Saint Anthony, where was an ancient church
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