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Cerovlje is the administrative centre of the Municipality, on an important road that used to connect Rijeka and Istria, and had an even greater importance in 1876, after the construction of the railway Divača – Pula.The settlement existed in the 13th century when the area was under the rule of Acquileian Patriarchs. Nevertheless, the name Cerovlje was mentioned for the first time in 1325 in Istarski razvod, and in 1498 in the Urbar of the Shire of Pazin under the name of Czerolach.


On the road from Pazin to Rijeka, near the railway crossing, there is a Church of the Holy Trinity, dating back to the 15th century, with the remains of frescos of an unknown artist of the time. Local priest, Ivan Bubić, from Previž, expanded the church in 1588. A Glagolitic inscription carved into a millstone in the southern façade is testament to the actions of the priest. A porch in front of the entrance was created in 1886.




The parish church of the Blessed Virgin Mary was built in 1804, and expanded in 1910. It is located on a hill above the settlement facing north. .

Cerovlje started to develop at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century when a water pumping and coal station was built for the locomotives on their way to Pula or Divača.


Thanks to the deposits of quality clay in the valleys around Cerovlje and Borut, the production of bricks started in the beginning of the 19th century. 
In 1911, Antonio Mezzar, an entrepreneur from Previž, built a brickyard, which was, at the time, the only industry in the central Istria. Nevertheless, the territory of Cerovlje remained agricultural. 



The Municipality of Cerovlje was founded in 1993, which gave a new stimulus to the development of the area. Except for the development of the municipal system, the local government is trying to advocate the affirmation of the whole area through different social, sport and cultural activities.
makareThe centre of the Municipality hosts a carnival procession of disguised groups from all areas in the Municipality as well as from other areas in Istria. A Reunion of local players and singers, Sopci i kantaduori općine Cerovlje, takes place on the Day of the Municipality (June 22nd).



billyDrago Opašić Billy, a founder of modern Istrian caving was born in Cerovlje (December 12, 1948). In 1971, he founded a Caving Society Istria, and in 1975, he led a big research expedition into the Cave of Pazin. He explored more than 450 sights in Istria and was the first to go down the 361 metres deep Pit of Rašpor, which was the deepest in Istria. He was a keen anarchist and a gifted poet..

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